Garden Initiative by Argan Care, a proud ambassador of Argan Care, is delighted to support a new initiative benefiting the community in the Argan production region of Southwestern Morocco.

The main purpose of their new project is to preserve precious herbs and medicinal plants that are rapidly diminishing in the Argan Forest area. School children will be involved in the project and will learn about the plants and their uses. The first to benefit from this project is the community of Aglagal, an Argan producing community located in the Souss-Massa region. A 200-square-meter garden is currently being prepared and planting will begin as soon as the weather permits in the spring. The planting of herbs and medicinal plants is direly needed in the region and is crucial to its inhabitants. 

“Our work in Morocco would not be possible without partners like Corporels and we applaud their conscious strategy to give back to the communities where they source their products. We are grateful that they have chosen Argan Care as their partner in this cause", Benedicte Westre Skog, founder of Argan Care comments.

“Thanks to our customers, we are able to support this new project and further cement our partnership with Argan Care. Sustainability and community service are pillars of Corporel’s vision and we are determined to expand this partnership as we widen the reach of the Corporels brand”, says Caroline Watts, co-founder of “

The project implementation is already in preparation this Spring and is a proof-of-concept Argan Care is hoping to replicate in the near future.  Check-in for more updates on the progress of this special project under News Releases here at and at 


Argan Care:

Argan Care has a strong focus on sustainable development, protecting the precious Argan forest that is vital to millions of people in Morocco, in particular the Amazigh people that live in and around the forest area. Protecting the Argan forest also has a very positive impact on the global climate. Argan Care aims to create jobs in particular for women, and has a strong focus on Women Empowerment.



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