Today, May 10th is the First-Ever International Argan Tree Day!

International Argan Tree Day

Argan Tree Day is a tribute to the Moroccan Argan production communities.

International Argan Tree Day was officially announced on 22 February 2021. It was adopted by consensus at the United Nations’ General Assembly and May 10th was dedicated to this annual tribute. (

Garden Initiative by Argan Care is announcing a new initiative.  The main purpose of their new project is to preserve precious herbs and medicinal plants that are rapidly diminishing in the Argan Forest area. School children will be involved in the project and will learn about the plants and their uses. The first to benefit from this project is the community of Aglagal, an Argan producing community located in the Souss-Massa region. A 200-square-meter garden is currently being prepared and planting will begin as soon as the weather permits in the spring.