Take a Break!

Hard times

2020 was a trying year for everyone. Many of us lost loved ones, and most spent the year in constant fear of an impending loss of life or of our living. The resulting fatigue has left deep scars on our physical and mental health, especially in the light of our inability to travel and play the way we used to do.

The new year is bringing some light to the end of this tunnel. However, the first opportunities for a real deep breadth are not around the corner just yet. In fact, even with things turning up, we find ourselves compelled to work even harder to restore some normalcy, make up for lost time and wages.

The importance of self-care

Many amongst us will continue to put self-care on the back burner and will likely face burnout. A study published in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling concluded that those who engage in self-care practices are more likely to avoid this prospect. In addition, they are more resilient when dealing with stress. Caring for yourself means allocating time and attention to your own interests and ensuring that you take the time to relax.


It is no surprise that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends making self-care a daily routine. Incorporate self-care in your daily planner and be deliberate about it. A sensible person would not neglect self-care in the hopes that things will turn out okay. After all, you probably would not postpone putting gas in your car hoping to get somewhere faster.

How to implement self-care

Create a self-care plan and set aside time for the activities you enjoy. Engage in your favorite physical activities and be sure to indulge in deep breathing or meditation. Take short breaks off of work at regular intervals. A short walk or a breathing break will not only give your body and mind a break, but they will also help you become more efficient at what you do. After all, your ‘Aha!’ Moments rarely come when you are in a squeeze. Spend time in nature, skip the news from time to time if you can, and take enough rest.

Feel-good look-good self-care

With the vital work of your new mindful self-done, you can propel your self-care to the next level by making time, be it a few minutes each day, for your personal body care. Project your quietude and balance by maintaining and treating your hair, face, neck, skin, body, nails & cuticles and every part of your body. You can start with the basics by indulging in simple pleasures and using readily available natural products to enchant your senses and feel better. How about breathing in the aromas of your favorite herbs or spices to relive beautiful memories of family gatherings or a trip to faraway places?

Corporels for affordable luxury self-care (the shameless plug)

As you select clean, effective and responsibly sourced natural products for your self-care routines, think of Organic Moroccan Argan oil products by Corporels. Argan is a truly stupefying ingredient for a wide variety of self-care use cases. Enjoy Argan’s repairing and rejuvenating properties for your body, skin, hair, and nail, and while doing so, be happy that your self-care is above all, selfless.

Think of the tree your purchase will plant somewhere on our planet, think of the rare argan trees you are preserving, and think of the women and children you are empowering in Morocco’s Argan production communities.

Self-care is not a luxury. It is a debt you owe to your body and to your mind. We, our families and friends, and our journey to self-fulfillment and healing depend on it. If you have read this far, you have earned a few minutes of fresh breath. So Relax, Take A Moment for yourself.  It's BreakTime!

                                   Moroccan Argan oil

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