Today, May 10th is the First-Ever International Argan Tree Day!

International Argan Tree Day

Argan Tree Day is a tribute to the Moroccan Argan production communities. It is also a commitment to launch a comprehensive planting program of 10,000 Argan trees. We at Corporels celebrate this initiative and congratulate the Argan Production Communities in Morocco on the designation of International Argan Tree Day. 

International Argan Tree Day was officially announced on 22 February 2021. It was adopted by consensus at the United Nations’ General Assembly and May 10th was dedicated to this annual tribute. See,

According to, an event is at 2pm UTC today (May10th) to officially announce the first-ever International Argan Tree Day. The event will be streamed live on the United Nations’ Web TV.  See

Argan Oil Production Has to be Sustainable

The fruit of the Argan Tree, otherwise known as Argania Spinosa, contains a kernel that produces the world-renowned Argan Oil. The applications of Argan are many, ranging from traditional and complementary medicine to culinary and cosmetic uses.  To obtain one (1) liter of Argan Oil, 35 kilograms of fruit and are needed. One Argan tree will only produce about 10 kilograms of fruit. So one begins to understand why this oil is expensive and why it is so rare.

Why Is This So Important?

Argan Oil is one of the rarest oils and is commonly known as Moroccan Liquid Gold. Argan trees are endemic to the Sous valley in southwestern Morocco with little to no presence outside this limited geographical area. The Argan forest shrunk by almost 50% over the last century due to grazing and over-exploitation. Thankfully, the forest has since regained some of its health and grew back to its current 8,000 square kilometers.  However, the battle isn’t over and this designation will help to maintain that course and help fight off the desertification of the Sahara to the south of the Sous valley.

Corporels works with as they sponsor the maintenance and restoration of the Argan forest, and aid the people in the production communities via education and the women-empowerment.

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