Fair Business Policy

We believe in business that is fair for all involved starting with production communities and ending with the all-important Corporels’ customer.

A Fair Business Policy?

It is a policy. It is however different from the common policies in that (1) the stipulations are based on fairness and are phrased as such, and (2) there is always room to hear your arguments and address your concerns amicably.

Fair Business Policy Statements:


  • We will make our policies as simple and as legible as possible. In certain cases, there are legal requirements that limit our ability to be brief and simple.
  • Corporels aims to accomplish a sustainable model. Your purchases plant trees and fund education projects. We aim to make these efforts public via the sustainability section of the website, our social media accounts, blogs and press releases. We will be transparent by ensuring that our sustainability partnerships and programs are public and verifiable. However, we are still a for-profit business, and, for obvious reasons, we may not be able to share information publicly when it reveals confidential company financials. It would not be fair.
  • When doing business, we collect information that varies based upon customer transactions and behavior on our website and applications. We are keen on transparency in this area and we are required by law to have a comprehensive Privacy Policy. Please find it here.

Returns, exchanges and refunds:

  • Please read our Return, Exchange and Refund Policy. We made it short and simple in fairness to you.
  • Before returning a purchased item, please contact customercare@corporels.com. We will explain the process and make sure to provide you with easy-to-follow instructions. We will not be able to process returns if they just show up.
  • Returned products should generally be in new or gently used condition unless the request is based on breakage in the first place. Fair enough? If not, we are happy to listen and discuss special cases.
  • It is unfair for businesses and individuals to place orders with the intention to request a refund or make a return. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon practice. We prevent this practice by using our pre-approval process (hence the need to contact customercare@corporels.com) prior to return, and by using the available abuse detection technologies. We may take further measures against abusers if the intent is to harm our business model. We prefer to focus our attention on you, our loyal customer.
  • When we exchange a product, we will do so with a similar product. If it is not available or if it is out-of-stock, we will provide store credit or a refund.
  • Occasionally, it is normal for products to have slight signs of wear or slight damage during shipping. We hate to see product go to waste, more shipping, and more carbon emissions for minor or inconsequential wear. If the product is damaged, please contact us for a return. If you are unsure, please contact us.
  • When you contact us for a return, we require that you attach a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase to your email to customercare@corporels.com. In case a receipt is not found, we will try to locate your transaction within our system and if found, we will process the return according to the terms of this policy. Fair enough?
  • Corporels’ specializes in personal care and wellness products. For your protection, we do not refurbish returned items for sale. Therefore, we are unable to exchange items received as gifts for other items. Do you have special circumstances? We are here and we are listening!
  • If you use a forwarding company, it is not fair for us to cover damages caused by them. A good practice is to ask the forwarding service to not accept visibly damaged items (if they entertain these requests, of course).
  • In case of a refund of a purchase that qualified for a discount based on package or amount spent, the promotional discount will cancelled and the regular price will be charged if the return brings the purchase amount below the promotional minimum. To be fair, if the refund was caused by our error, no such deductions will take place.